We are Renegades - we are like no others and have a passion for what we do. We are a combination of skeptic, psychic, researcher, historian while being spirit rescuers. Our view of ghost/spirits is simple; they are still people with their own wants needs and deserve our respect. As a non-profit group, we are dedicated to helping both the living and the spirits. We are dedicated to assisting those who are experiencing unexplained phenomenon. Our experiences have grown based on our collective personal experiences, research and time in the field. Our goals are to educate the general public from the point of view of both compassion and research.
We are knowledgeable and experiences in different disciplines of investigations; technical, metaphysical to gather evidence of other realms of existence. We're open to the experience of spirit world using distinctive methodology and exceptional skill sets and experiences with old fashion common sense, intuition and while having a dose of healthy skepticism to debunk, disprove or validate each case.
Our beliefs may differ; we work as a team of experienced spirit investigators and researchers. We will provide copies of all our research and investigations as well as document all reports of paranormal occurrences with integrity, honesty and discretion. We use our insights and psychic abilities as well as our technical investigative instruments to generate a wealth of information from our research studies for the benefit of clients to assist them in understanding what their experiencing and help to lessen their fears.

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